No one can deny that Sun Dried Apricots are the best source of energy and contain nutrients, minerals, vitamins and natural substance that are very helpful for the better growth and overall development of the body. People like to eat them in their daily life for fast growth of body and to stay fit, healthy and energetic. Sun Dried Apricots are the first choice of most of the people. It is a very nutritious fruit of summer that has low calories and high fiber. Its taste is unique and very different from other fruits. The best thing about it is that it can be digest very fast and easily.

Lots of people believe that they can enjoy its taste in summer only because its a seasonal fruit. Its true that it is produced in the season of summer, but its not true that it can be enjoyed only in the season of summer. Sun Dried Apricots also give the nice taste and give energy to the human body.

Aprifood is dedicated in this industry since years and they have been operating our Sun Dried Apricot manufacturing company for a very long time to serve their customers the best. We are one of the most trusted and reputed producer and exporter of this dry fruit.

In today’s time, every individual have the busy lifestyle and they don’t find the time to care themselves so there is need of something which can be easily attain. It is nothing else but a Sun Dried Apricot which can easily be attain,can easily be chewed at any time and even without taking much time it comes to be known as wonder food for healthy life. After drying this fruit its nutrition value get concentrated and can be used as snacks as well. It is good for the health of the humans it is rich in nutrients like iron vitamin C as well as vitamin B. It is not only beneficial for health but it has several other benefits also which can be described as follows:-

‎Prevents Heart Disease – Sun Dried Apricots also prevent heart disease and maintain blood pressure giving you all the nutrients like magnesium and copper. Adding to it, five dried apricots can provide you three grams of fiber, which can ekk out cholesterol from your system much before it clogs your arteries.

Reduces Risk of getting Cataracts -Whatever you eat can have a direct impact on your vision too. It is studied that Sun Dried Apricots consisting of vitamin can help in reducing the disease cataracts.

Unsulphured Dried Apricots which is known for many benefits . It is an ideal treat for snacks and deserts. They are very tasty, easy to digest and are very high in fiber, low in calories, are very nutritious.

Aprifood Agricultural Food Industry Limited come in accordance with TS 485 standards following both US AND EU norms. Furthermore, the company is Kosher, ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 22000 , A grade BRC certificated

Overall Quality Policy Of Aprifood Agricultural Food Industry Limited

In the current competitive scenario, all the customer expectations and demands are continuously deepening and changing. In order to meet all these criteria, Aprifood industry has come with several steps and ideas.

In the very first place, the company is working hard to meet the end needs of its customers continuously on time.

The company is following developments and innovations closely and is also trying to keep hygiene conditions under control.

In order to strengthen its position all the way to the top, the brand is striving to improve its services, products, and the overall effectiveness of the quality management systems.

The company also undergoes continuous training in order to create a team spirit and improve the personal talents of the employees by also benefitting them in the best effective way.