Healthy diet is important for everyone. It helps the body grow and improves body functions, also protects body from diseases and sickness , is important for everyone to consider a healthy lifestyle for a longer better life.

There are several types of nutritious food items as well as fruits available that help individuals in improving their health, reducing the risks of illness and maintaining a healthy weight. These days, dried apricots have gained a huge popularity. It is because they offer excellent health benefits.

They are delicious, tasty, and easy to digest.

Not only this, dried apricots are rich in Vitamin B and C. They are free from fat, high in fiber, and very nutritious. There are a number of benefits associated with apricots. It fights against heart diseases, high cholesterol, high BP, poor vision problems, cancer, and so on and It is also helpful in maintaining weight. By adding this fruit in your diet, you can promote the health of your eyes, hair and skin.


Unsulphured Dried Apricots are stored under clean, dry and well ventilated environment. Natural Dried Apricots are other variants that are collected from trees and not cured by sulphur dioxide.

The natural products are not treated with sulphur; rather they are pitted and then dried under the sun for 2 to 3 days naturally.

These products are double-washed mechanically to remove foreign particles and materials. Final Sun Dried Apricots are packed into containers with metal detention for final checking. Without any additives and preservatives in the natural dried apricots, these are finest quality products one can ever enjoy.

All processes involved in producing these, are conducted under higher standards of maintenance and regulations.
The production and manufacturing staff is careful with their job and ensure cleanliness and good hygiene in their work. With years of practice and excellence in manufacturing. Shelf life of Sun Dried Apricots is two year.


Diced Dried Apricots is produced from Conventional Dried Apricots. All production processes up to the cutting stage are the same with Conventional Dried Apricots. Conventional Dried Apricots are mixed with rice flour during the cutting stage to prevent sticking during cutting, and they are cut in various sizes according to the customer’s demand. Diced Dried Apricots flour usage areas are used in patisseries, ready-made food factories, yogurt industry. Shelf life is 2 years.


Having decades of experience in hand, the company continues to produce apricots in Malatya in quality-oriented work performed by an experienced team. All the products that are manufactured by Aprifood Agricultural Industry Limited come in accordance with TS 485 standards following both US AND EU norms. Furthermore, the company is Kosher, ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 22000, A grade BRC certificated

Overall Quality Policy Of Aprifood Agricultural Industry Limited In the current competitive scenario, all the customer expectations and demands are continuously deepening and changing. In order to meet all these criteria, Aprifood industry has come with several steps and ideas.

  • In the very first place, the company is working hard to meet the end needs of its customers continuously on time.
  • The company is following developments and innovations closely and is also trying to keep hygiene conditions under control.
  • In order to strengthen its position all the way to the top, the brand is striving to improve its services, products, and the overall effectiveness of the quality management systems.
  • The company also undergoes continuous training in order to create a team spirit and improve the personal talents of the employees by also benefitting them in the best effective way.